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Test di inglese online

Test di inglese online – Test gratis online

Il test di lingua inglese di SGI London e British School Vicenza

Questo è un test grammaticale con 40 domande che ti darà un’idea del tuo livello attuale di inglese, da svolgersi senza l’aiuto di libri o del dizionario.

Alla fine del test riceverai un punteggio ed un’indicazione per capire il tuo livello attuale ed individuare così i possibili corsi di inglese e gli esami che potrai fare con noi, alla British School Vicenza oppure a SGI London.

Good luck! In bocca al lupo!


Il test di inglese

1. What's .... name?

2. We're Chinese. We're ..... Peking.

3. Jane's ..... nice and polite.

4. ..... a light?

5. Margaret ..... usually come by bus

6. They ..... at home last night

7. What ..... you say?

8. Why ..... crying?

9. Where ..... to spend your holidays next summer?

10. ..... never been to the theatre before.

11. Seiko watches ..... in Japan.

12. Where ..... when you met him?

13. If ..... I'll tell him you called

14. What ..... since you arrived.

15. Wine ..... made in Italy for thousands of years.

16. My husband ..... live in Spain.

17. If I ..... I would go out more.

18. I was very ..... in the story.

19. You ..... come if you don't want to.

20. I ..... see you tomorrow, I'm not sure

21. ..... is bad for you.

22. I ..... told him if I had known he was your brother.

23. He ..... living there for three years before they found him.

24. I wish you ..... all the time.

25. By the time you arrive .....

26. The house .....built in the 16th century.

27. Don't forget ..... me a newspaper.

28. Whenever there was a visitor, the dog ..... to the door.

29. He is an executive in .....

30. Peter sold his car ..... save money.

31. He advised me ..... the doctor.

32. I ..... travelling by bus.

33. He didn't come last night. I wish that he .....

34. I am going to a wedding. I need to .....

35. Which would you ..... have, gold or silver?

36. My sister has been in hospital. I wonder how she .....

37. The man said he did not ..... to go by bus.

38. Although he confessed to the crime, the judge let the boy .....

39. I've never ..... that word before.

40. The student could not answer the question, so he .....

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